A Thank You From TerraWest Management Services

By August 2, 2013Special Events

Today, we’re writing to say Thank You. With gratitude, and a smile, we are thankful to Sara Barry, Michael Schulman, John Leach, and Gayle Kern.  We see light at the end of the tunnel for implementation of all the new laws passed by the 77th Legislature this June. And that light is due to the efforts of these four people.

These attorneys (and Sara) took time out of their day twice last week (in two different cities) to give a Legislative Update. They spent valuable time to bring understanding to new and complex laws that passed, and how they would need to be applied and carried out in Common Interest Communities across the state.

And that’s only the part that was visible to those of us in attendance. What we don’t “see” at an event like this is the total scope of their involvement in the legislative process. Writing opinions on the bills, drafting amendments to the bills, testifying in front of legislators, or spending time in Carson City in discussions with legislators and other industry professionals are activities these four people actively engaged in all through the legislative session, and for which we should give thanks.

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